Balanced Body Meals

Pretty ● Good ● Healthy ● Food

We are Here to Serve “YOU“! 

Balanced Body Meals is a fresh food meal prep company that specializes in the creation of well-portioned healthy meals, proteins, vegetables, healthy fats, and fruits.  These delicious, personalized “lifestyle meals” are designed to assist you with staying on track with your weight loss goals!

Facts about our meals:

  • Experience many wonderful tastes and varieties we have to offer
  • Fresh never frozen means full flavor and freshness with each delicious bite
  • Microwave safe containers that are vacuum sealed guarantee freshness for an entire week!

Having your own personal chef at a fraction of the cost!

Let’s be honest, anyone can buy a frozen dinner at the supermarket or order frozen meals online.  All frozen and prepackaged meals are not created equal and that’s precisely why we are a different kind of meal service company.  Balanced Body Meals offers a convenient pick-up service at Ms. Pete’s Cafe & Catering located at 1860 Wilma Rudolph Blvd. Clarksville, TN 37040, and delivery service in Clarksville as well as Nashville for a $15 fee.


Owner and Head Chef, LaCita Mason, gets her inspiration for cooking from her grandmother.


“Grandma Pete”, as she’s affectionately known, has 80+ years of cooking knowledge, wisdom, and passion that she’s passed down to LaCita, and you can taste the love in her savory meals. A lady that loves southern cooking, LaCita has incorporated her love for transitioning traditional flavors into healthier versions so that everyone can enjoy all the foods they love without the added stress of gaining weight.  We explore and experiment with new recipes, for healthier living choices every day!  LaCita loves to watch people’s lives transform because of her recipes–all while enjoying her food.  She has a simple motto: Pretty. Good. Health. Food.

To learn more about Balanced Body Meals, please contact Ms. LaCita Mason, CEO, and Owner.


Cell: 931-278-3233

11 thoughts on “Balanced Body Meals

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    1. Good afternoon Sherri,
      Our smoothies typically come in 16oz servings and for cost effectiveness well sell them by 4’s so
      4 smoothies
      Blended = 14.00 @ $3.50 each
      unBlended= 10.00 @2.50 each

      I will get these prices listed on the website today
      thank you for your inquire and please let us know when you would like yours.
      thanks have a great day!!

    1. Good Morning Sis! Thank you for checking me out. I am working on seeing how i can deliver out of state and it still be fresh. Email me your address and I might use you as a sample person to see how the meals travel
      thanks again missing you

  1. This is me and my husband want to look in on. When we com back frm vacation I’m gon get in touch with you. Last week in July

  2. Hi! So glad to hear y’all are cooking for us in Clarksville! How many does the sheet of breakfast eggs and veggies feed? My husband and I both want to try. Also each meal is individually portioned out for one person right? Are calories, carbs, protein and fat grams listed? Thanks so much in advance and sorry for all the questions! If these are good, as a fitness instructor I will bring ALOT of ppl your way.

    1. Hi Ashley, thank you so much for your interest in allowing us to serve you and your husband. Yes, each meal is individually portioned for 1 person. No Calories carbs and proteins and fats are not listed at this time however we are working on getting that included in our packaging. Our meals, however, are portions for 4oz of protein for women and 6 to 8 oz for men and included balanced portions of veggies and starches and fruits when applicable. I look forward to serving you and all the people you are working with to help them get healthy.

  3. Brilliant Savory, Healthy, Fresh Food! This is the way we were born to eat! Thank you for this awesome food opportunity. You have delivered a true blessing to me!

  4. Delicious and Nutritious and all I had to do was pick it up! Chicken meatballs are my favorite meal so far. I prefer to eat as high quality/organic as possible and this has been perfect. Thank you so much for providing this service!

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